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WordPress has not only become the most popular web content management system in the world, it’s increasingly being used to power e-commerce sites. Since 2010 there’s been a surge in the development of WordPress plugins that provide online selling tools of all kinds.

In this video course I cover a wide range of possible ways to use WordPress for your online store: whether you’re selling massage therapy sessions or an entire catalogue of physical products, whether you want to accept donations or have people buy and download files of any type.

I cover a number of popular plugins, including in-depth looks at how to use such shopping cart software as Jigoshop, Woo Commerce, and WP E-Commerce.

You’ll find plenty of real-world examples and detailed explanations of how to use plugins or customize your own theme templates to create an online shopping experience for your visitors.

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I’ve produced two video courses for

WordPress 3.1 For Designers is aimed at graphic designers and web designers who want to create WordPress sites for their clients.

It covers the basics of WordPress theme design customization – working with CSS and HTML – and customizing theme functionality – working with PHP. ¬†There’s also extensive coverage of how to use WordPress plugins to give clients the website that works best for them.

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Planning A Successful Website offers a complete overview of how to get the website that best suits your needs.  From securing a domain name to hosting, design, content creation, marketing, and SEO, this video series acts like a virtual consultant, making sure whoever is building your site is doing a good job.

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