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WordPress is today’s most popular open source content management system because of its powerful features, simple interface, and easy expansion.

WordPress 24-Hour Trainer is a unique book-and-video package that provides you with beginner-friendly tutorials for building and maintaining a WordPress web site.

The 39 sections focus on basic tasks such as entering text and images, organizing material, and much more. The DVD adds video tutorials to go with most of the sections.

The second edition (Aug 2011) has been updated to include the newest features of WordPress and many sections have been completely rewritten. The section on plugins has even more choices across a variety of needs, from membership functions to events calendars to ecommerce.

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How do you know that you’ve done everything possible to create a unique, enriching, and successful Web site, particularly when you’re hiring others to do it?

With Website Design and Development: 100 Questions to Ask Before Building a Website, you’ll feel confident that you’ve exhausted every facet of building an effective Web site.

The clever question-and-answer format walks you through easily overlooked details, acting as a virtual consultant. You’ll get clear, easy-to-follow advice on everything from finding a host, design and layout, creating content, marketing, to staying secure.

Each question features a rating as to how critical it is to the welfare of the site, allowing you to pick and choose where to spend your time and money, and the answers contain helpful illustrations as well as action points. In addition, your learning experience is further enhanced by the high-quality accompanying video.

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Get the book & DVD online at Barnes and Noble

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