Innovators make our lives better

With the release of WordPress 3.3 I was reflecting on how its developers have made my life and the lives of millions of people easier in so many ways, including making money. That same night I was watching an episode of Mythbusters (my kind of reality TV) and they proved that like birds, airplanes can [...]

Odd WordPress 3.3 menu behaviour while in Custom Post Types UI Plugin

My preferred plugin for working with Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies in WordPress is Custom Post Types UI from WebDevStudios. If you use it and have upgraded WordPress 3.3, you may notice some odd behaviour on the admin menus.
I’m using version 0.7.1 of Custom Post Types UI and when I’m on any of the [...]

WordPress 3.3: The Top 5 Features

The latest version of WordPress will be released any day now and I wanted to show you what I think are the top five features. WordPress 3.3 is primarily an update of the user interface, so you’re going to notice most of these changes immediately.
Slide-Out Side Menu
Ever since WordPress moved the main menu from the [...]

Does Google penalize sites using WordPress?

In a follow-up to his earlier SearchEngineWatch article, Gary-Adam Shannon is claiming again that Google may be penalizing sites for using WordPress:
If you ask me, it makes perfect sense that Google could potentially penalize based on a site footprint.
This time he offers two kinds of evidence for this:
 I’ve talked with a few SEOs who also [...]

Yahoo Web Player is an easy to use add-on to WordPress

Yahoo has had a free media player for quite some time, but back in August of this year they updated it and renamed it Yahoo Web Player – and they’ve made it dead simple to use.
By inserting a single line of javascript into your page, it will detect links to MP3s and videos, then automatically [...]

Don’t get caught with your Privacy setting on

I knew this was going to happen. I’ve written before about what I think is a mistaken change in WordPress 3.2.1 – not showing the status of your Privacy setting on all admin screens.
Well, it caught up with me this morning during a site launch. Had forgotten to remove the Privacy setting, which was on [...]

For the love of content management and using WordPress

I’ve particularly enjoyed working with a recent client because his enthusiasm for training on WordPress was contagious. Ken’s constantly finding some “mind-blowing” new feature, and this isn’t just empty praise – he’s excited because of the possibilities he sees for his website.
For example, as I showed him how he can organize content using categories, he’s [...]

I actually finished The Great Lake Walk

Now that I’m able to walk again – literally – it’s time to put to pen and paper what happened on Saturday September 17, 2011.
It was the 10th Annual Great Lake Walk around Cowichan Lake here on Vancouver Island. At 5am, about 325 brave souls (650 soles) set off in the darkness to circumnavigate what [...]

Washroom break problem solved

By a happy accident, I’ve figured out how to avoid those pesky washroom breaks so I won’t get slowed down on my walk. May have to patent this “Walk N Go” system. Trick now is not to confuse it with the tube for my drinking water.

Reality sets in for the Great Lake walker

I’ve been doing about 10k per day for several days now – 5k in each direction with an hour’s break between. Thought I wasn’t doing too badly, until today when I did almost 17k straight.
I see now why the Great Lake Walk organizers have rest stops every 4k or so.  Just a short time to [...]

Gaming Google with guest blogging

So I’m reading a guest post by Gerald Weber on Vertical Measures from June 2011 about guest blogging and how the author speculates Google might soon crack down on low quality guest blogging:
I’m a professional SEO, link builder and marketer, so I completely understand the need to build links. But I truly believe there are much better [...]

WordPress 3.3 is now available

The latest update of WordPress – version 3.3. –  is now out and it mainly features changes to the admin interface. This video gives you a quick tour of those changes.
As always, the question is: change over now or wait?
I always recommend waiting for at least a couple of weeks, in case an unknown issue [...]

WordPress book birthday cake

For my birthday this year, my wife Kim had a cake made by our friend Tracy Cook here in Nanaimo. She managed to create my WordPress 24-Hour Trainer book, my 100 Questions to Ask Before Building a Website book, and my MacBook – all in a single cake!
Thanks Tracy, thanks Kim!

Why you need to be careful with free WordPress themes

I was talking to a client the other day about free WordPress themes. I said the safest option is to only use the Free Themes Directory. Why is that?
I talked to her about malicious coding, poor quality coding, out of date coding, etc.
And then I found a very well-researched article by Siobhan McKeown that [...]

Updates are a part of software life

I sometimes hear people complaining that WordPress has had YET ANOTHER update. Let me clear up a couple of misperceptions that may be driving such complaints:
All software requires updating, whether it’s on the web, on your computer, on your smart phone, even in pieces of hardware, such as routers or tvs.
Some software requires more frequent [...]

Grandma’s behind you all the way

I was watching the Triplets of Belleville and there was a sequence that reminded me of The Great Lake Walk – a 56K marathon walk I did around Cowichan Lake on Vancouver Island.
The grandson in the movie is training furiously for the Tour de France and we see him struggling up this impossibly steep city [...]

You have WP 3-0 or 3-1
if your admin screen looks like this:
Text editor problems in WordPress 3.0 when using IE9

Just got off the phone with a client who couldn’t enter text in a new post she was creating.  She would type it in, but when saving it, the text disappeared. Weird!
The fact that I had no trouble going in and editing the post pointed to a browser issue:  I had Firefox and she was [...]

Encouragement from the kids

Got into the van at 1:30am to drive down to The Great Lake Walk. Found these drawings from the girls on the seat:

Glam rocking my way to 56K

While listening to the radio on yesterday’s training walk I discovered my “natural frequency” song – Get It On (Bang a Gong) by T Rex. The beat exactly matched the rhythm of my walk and there was something about the congruence that made the walk a little easier.
Now debating whether looping the song for 12 [...]

I visit the lake where I’ll go walkabout

Since I’ve never been to Cowichan Lake before, I thought I’d visit my nemesis. It’s set in a beautiful valley and looks gorgeous – too bad it’s so large or this 56k walk might have been, say, a 10k event…
The day was nice and sunny and warm, and if it’s like this during the walk [...]

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